About Us

About Remocolla

RemoColla L.L.C is a Japanese ICT company located in Tokyo. It offers high-quality business and ICT consulting services as well as software application development. Our customers are mainly from Japan and MENA region, and expanding to reach other countries around the globe.

Leadership Members

Tarek Fatyani

PhD in Knowledge Management and Innovation.Tarik has an extensive knowledge of IT and programming gained through academia and business career. Since his early years, he has been an entrepreneur and Business creator with multiple start-ups in the IT and Business consulting.

Tomohiko KanekoNezuka 

Specialist in management general affairs, accounting and Human Capital Management.Very open to other cultures and challenges on the international level, Tomohiko’s communication skills helped him establish multiple businesses with foreign partners and play a key role bridging multiple cultures.

Marketing Director Bouguelaa Abedelali

MBA in Business and majoring in Information Systems Management。

Abdelali boasts a wide range of Project Management, Consulting and Marketing experience across multiple countries and industries.

Management Strategy /Director
Nezuka Shintaro

With a long list of leadership position in large IT companies such as IBM, Shintaro has an unmatched experience in corporate management and strategy in the IT sector.