About Products

RemoColla is proud of the products it has launched throughout the years for its worldwide clients. Our team develops AI-driven products to facilitate daily tasks using the latest technologies available in the world.

Our latest products:

Gyoumu Cloud

Gyoumu Cloud provides Collaboration, Knowledge & Business solutions all on one platform that fits companies’ needs in an ideal, user-friendly approach.


Telework Software offers the best Enterprise communication tools that enable chatting, holding meetings, and making video conferences with your employees. In addition, it includes Work Time Tracking & Management System that allows you to monitor the work of employees and show you their work progress.


Baitoko is a new way to boost productivity. A powerful project management system includes simple and practical tools to help you monitor your daily tasks effectively.


TAKA is a news search engine that extracts, filters, and analyzes the news related to Arab countries that matter to you.


SHURA is a knowledge management system that combines everything your team needs to work, collaborate, and communicate effectively.