Custom Software Development

We offer developing custom software applications made specifically to meet business’s needs, all made by our experienced developers working on the latest tech on the market, supported by AI tools which makes our software efficient and unique


We make software applications that include:

1) Customer Relationship Management tools (CRM)

As your business grows, your company will need a tool that organizes customers’ data, collects data and assemble data graphs for the selected audience and future customers, and enables interactive communication with customers

2) Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP)

A wholesome application focused on improving day-to-day business. RemoColla has offered many ERP tools to international companies; Gyoumu Cloud is one of our main products that manages every aspect of a company. Please refer to our Products page for more details.

3) Web Portal Development

We provide you with a single access point of information for all of your employees and customers. Web portals will help you search, navigate, categorize content, and many more customized features based on your needs. Our web-based platforms have proven its efficiency in businesses and Enterprises in Japan and across the globe. Contact us to book a consulting service to make a plan for your next step in Web Portals world

4) E-Commerce Applications

E-commerce is rapidly becoming the preferred method among businesses and consumers for exchanging goods and services. We give you the ability to manage and sell thousands of products easily with our custom e-commerce development services.

We offer B2B, B2C, C2C, and many more E-Commerce Applications specifically made for you

Our customized software application also include:

 API Development

 System Integration

 Application Modernization

 Collaboration Software

 Project Management Software

Accounting Systems

Content Management Systems

Feel free to check our Products to have a better idea of what we can do for you.