Software Maintenance & support

Employing software application in your business is only the first step in the process. Businesses’ needs change constantly. Therefore, software also needs constant support and improvement. We offer maintenance and support services with highly affordable prices to fulfill your needs in the dedicated budget

Services we offer:

Application Support:

Application support services ensure applications are up-to-date, highly secure and are optimized for speed and usability.

Over time, applications require support from the developers to release the updates to remain secure and running properly and avoid any bugs or issues, which might affect their performance and security.

Application support covers:

1- Performance Monitoring

2- Compliance Monitoring

3- Update Monitoring

Contact us to check what your company needs.

Software Testing & QA

Software testing & QA services enhance the quality and growth of software to ensure the best performance of an application.

Send us the details and sit back! With RemoColla services, you can focus solely on your business. Our QA process covers functionality and updates. We conduct these independent QA services for the applications, providing complete coverage for our clients.

The Testing includes Functionality Testing, Application Performance Testing, and Friendly User Testing.