RemoColla’s UI\UX Team has been created to make creative designs that has a clear process in an accurate delivery time for our customers.
Our Team applies efficient approaches to design, prototype, and build engaging products professionally and quickly.


Our services:

User Experience (UX)

We create products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users, through the following:

Gathering and conducting user research and competitor analysis

 Gathering and evaluating user requirements using user stories, user flows, and personas

 Illustrating ideas by designing wireframes

 Creating usability testing reports and user surveys

User Interface (UI)

We focus on the looks or style of an application to enable users to get their tasks done easily and with minimum effort, through the following:

 Setting style standards for fonts, colors, icons, and images.

 Designing layouts, buttons, fields, and other interface elements.

 Developing graphical mockups and prototypes that clearly illustrate – how the application functions and looks are like.

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